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Increase your SECURITY

Consumers verify their data once, and then only share the minimum required. FLOW ID securely stores sensitive user data, with anytime partner access.

Reduce your RISK

Compliant with applicable state regulations, so you can focus on your your business. 

Lower your COST

Existing solutions require an ID scan for every transaction. FLOW ID runs all verification algorithms on the user’s mobile device, thus offloading hosting and transactional costs.

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FLOW ID is the go-to solution in areas that require strong identity and personal data verification, backed by industry leading user privacy.

Age Verification

State and Federal regulations are now mandating stronger age verification for their online visitors and customers. FLOW ID is the fastest, most secure way to verify your age online today.

Verify customer age against photo ID
Customers simply scan a QR code, or click a link
Completely anonymous, preserving privacy
Great for cannabis, alcohol, gambling, fintech, and many more
Light Speed Transfers
ultimate protection

Cannabis Delivery

The Cannabis industry is highly regulated with strict identity and age verification requirements. FLOW ID takes the verification and storage burden off of our partners, providing a faster and more secure process for validating customer intent.

Verify customer identity and address remotely
Fast one-touch onboarding
Customers simply scan QR code upon delivery
Fully compliant with local regulations

Online Gambling

Drastically reduce fraud while also making it easier and faster for customers to verify themselves. 

Verify customer age against photo ID
Combat fraud with strong identity checks
Passwordless login and transaction verification
Smooth customer experience
Light Speed Transfers


Identity Proofing

Customer identity is proofed against their real photo ID via facial recognition and liveness checks.

Age Verification

Customer age is verified again a government issued photo ID, but only the minimum is shared externally (i.e. Over 21 = YES)

Passwordless Login

Ditch passwordless and login to websites by verifying your identity against biometric and behavioral markers.

Secure Messaging

True end-to-end encryption means only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. No one else. Period.

Credential Sharing

Securely share personal data and credentials with other individuals or businesses. Only what is needed for the transaction, revoke their access at any time.

API & SDK Integrations

Several integration options exist giving you easy access to our powerful idetnity and data verification tools


Have another use case?

Our fast data validation process serves as a more secure replacement for any situation where customers currently present their photo ID or provide their signature. Reach out to us to discuss your use case, and let us show you how we can help your customers embark on their own data ownership journey.