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Combating Proxy Betting: A Revolutionary Approach for Online Gaming Platforms

Securing the Future of Online Gaming with QR Code Authentication

Posted by FLOW ID on Mar. 11, 2024 - 3 min read

The digital gambling industry is at a crossroads, facing unprecedented growth but also grappling with sophisticated security challenges. Among these, proxy betting stands out as a significant concern, a concept by which underage, or otherwise ineligible players access platforms through someone else's legitimate account. This undermines the integrity of online gaming, posing not only financial risks but also regulatory repercussions for operators worldwide.

Understanding the Proxy Betting Dilemma

Proxy betting presents a complex challenge. Traditional deterrents, such as SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and location checks, have proved insufficient. These methods fall short when account holders, complicit in proxy betting, share their credentials and verification codes, rendering the security measures ineffective. Addressing this demands a more sophisticated approach. It's not just about verifying an account but ensuring the person behind the device is authorized and present.

The Limitations of Current Security Measures

Outside of user authentication, various analytical methods have been deployed to probabilistically detect this practice, hoping to flag anomalous behavioral patterns in location, betting strategies, and the use of multiple devices. However, none of these can definitively answer the underlying question: who is really behind the keyboard? This gap in security allows proxy betting to thrive, undermining the integrity of online gaming platforms.

Innovating with Biometrics and QR Codes

At FLOW ID, we've developed a cutting-edge, patent pending solution to this pervasive issue, focusing on two critical areas: identity verification and physical colocation of devices. Our approach combines biometric authentication with a novel use of mobile phone cameras to scan constantly changing QR codes. This method ensures that the person attempting to access the account is both the legitimate account holder and is physically present at the device.

How Our Solution Works

Our technology leverages the ubiquity and capabilities of modern smartphones. By requiring users to scan a series of dynamic, constantly changing QR codes displayed on the screen of the device attempting access, we accomplish two things: first, we confirm that the user has the device in their possession; and second, we verify their physical presence in front of the accessing device. This process is bolstered by our advanced biometric and behavioral analytics, ensuring a robust layer of security that traditional methods can't match.

The Advantages of Dynamic QR Code Authentication

Our innovative solution addresses the critical flaws of current 2FA authentication methods: the inability to tie the 2 factors together at the same location. By enforcing the colocation of authentication and service access devices, we significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent access by removing a dimension common to most examples of proxy betting: physical separation. This method is not only more secure but also user-friendly, offering a seamless experience for legitimate users without compromising on security. Additionally, it aligns with regulatory requirements for stringent identity verification, offering peace of mind to operators and regulators alike.

Embrace the Future of Online Gambling Security

The fight against proxy betting requires a modern solution that can adapt to the evolving landscape of online gambling. FLOW ID's colocation detection and biometric authentication represents a significant leap forward, offering a secure, user-friendly, and regulatory-compliant method of ensuring the integrity of online gambling platforms.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Platform's Security?

Discover the benefits of integrating FLOW ID's innovative authentication solution into your platform. Our team is ready to demonstrate how our technology can protect your business from the risks of proxy betting, ensuring a safe and trustworthy environment for your users. Contact us to learn more and take the first step towards securing your online gambling platform.